Project Two: Mountain Peaks

Mountain Peaks is my favorite creative project I have ever put out.  I was super excited to put these ideas together on the hoodies, which are the nicest hoodies I own without a doubt.   The process was a much higher investment in terms of money and time, but I am extremely proud of it.

Mountain peaks was the perfect knit from New Beginnings.  Once you have figured out a goal, how much effort you are willing to put into it has to be accounted for, but it always worth the work.  Not everyone is willing to put that work in.  The internet paints this fake picture that we can do anything we dream of easily, but in actuality, it’s much more work than we think.  It can still be accomplished if you want to work for it, which serves as proper motivation.

project one: new beginnings

New Beginnings marked the first step in placing this company’s foot in the door of streetwear.  I had a lot of enthusiasm by this new venture, after previous experience in the company Marcele derived from, Crayons Worldwide.  New Beginnings was an experiment, which matched perfectly with the message portrayed.

Never be afraid to go for something and start new, even if you have little of a head start.  It never hurts to try, whether the risk to reward ratio is high, or not.